Conservationists go “Rogue”

We’re starting to understand why it’s so difficult to pinpoint WHO the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) really is!

It’s the militarization of the US Executive Branch.  From the BLM, to the Department of Education, and the US Post Office…all arming up, and having access to Mine Resistant Ambush Resistant (MRAP) vehicles and heavy arms (fully automatic M-16s…pfft, keep your pesky semi-automatic AR-15 pea-shooters home boys <sarcasm>…grenade launchers, full-body armor, etc).

When this happens, you have special agents thinking they are ODA Team Members!  Go back to our original post and look at the…


Do  they even take an Oath of Office?  Simply over-gunned, egotistical (small egos!) hourly wage earners…mercenaries under the guise of executive level beaurocrats!

<updates to follow>



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